Do you want to use tables to present information in a user-friendly manner?

WordPress table plugins save the time and headache that comes with creating tables from scratch. You don’t need coding knowledge. The plugins are also responsive and mobile-friendly, so the tables you create can be viewed on mobile devices. 

wpDataTables is one of the best WordPress data visualization plugins from CodeCanyon.

On CodeCanyon, you will find hundreds of premium WordPress table plugins. In this post, I’ll show you some of the best, and then I’ll share some free alternatives.

Find the Best-Selling WordPress Table Plugins on CodeCanyon

Whether you need tables for your website or other professional add-ons, you can choose from thousands of premium WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon. 

Looking for the best table plugin for WordPress for 2021? Find it on CodeCanyon.

Just visit the extensive library and find everything your website needs. CodeCanyon offers a pay-as-you-go model, where you only pay for what you need. And the best part? You get 24/7 support from the authors, along with well-documented, professional plugins.

13 Best WordPress Table Plugins

Grab one of these table plugins for WooCommerce and WordPress and add great-looking tables to your site today. 

1. ARPrice: WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

If you offer many services or products on your website, you’ll need a top-selling WordPress pricing table plugin. And ARPrice is the best-selling plugin in this category. ARPrice is the most complete WordPress pricing table plugin of 2021. You’ll get 300+ pricing table templates and all the tools to build unique and responsive pricing plans and comparison tables in minutes.

Other features of these pricing tables for WPBakery Page Builder include:

unlimited color options
3000+ icons
animation effects
real-time template editor
WPBakery compatible
900 Google Fonts included

With over 6,000 sales and high ratings, this WordPress pricing table plugin is a favorite.

User CompuTant says:

Excellent plugin, wonderful user interface, great price. Purchase two licenses so far, this is my go-to for price tables.

2. Fixed TOC: WordPress Table Of Contents Plugin

A table of contents is super useful when you’ve got a lot of information on your website. And this WordPress table of contents plugin is the one for the job.

With this WordPress table plugin, making a table of contents is a piece of cake. It automatically scans the headings throughout the post and creates the table of contents, which is fixed in the page display.

This table of contents plugin for WordPress features:

fully responsive design
customize the style and colors
smooth scroll
heading indicator when scrolling
live editor and preview
user-friendly on mobile

This table of contents plugin for WordPress has over 2,000 sales. User ngochuy666 says about it:

Fixed Toc is a great plugin, its features are exactly what I was looking for. Especially, the support from the developer is very fast and friendly. Appreciate!

3. Pricing Table: WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

This WordPress pricing table plugin is another best-selling crowd favorite. The WordPress table plugin is GDPR compliant and includes a variety of layouts for different use cases.

The WordPress table plugin also features:

columns layout
grid layout
table layout
any number of columns
totally responsive
predefined skins
different button styles

With a five-star rating, this is one of the best table plugins for WordPress. User HansMi says:

Quite happy with this plugin. I’ve tested (and bought) quite a few. It works intuitively and fast, and robust, so far.

4. wpDataTables: Best WordPress Data Visualization Plugin

If you want to manage your tables and charts easily and flexibly, go for wpDataTables: the powerful, responsive WordPress database table plugin.  

wpDataTables comes with an Excel-like interface, complete with editing tools. You can import Excel, CSV, or Google spreadsheets to editable tables. And since it’s built to work with MySQL, you can show the results of your queries even when the datasets have millions of rows.

The WordPress plugin database table fits natively into any device, so you can choose which columns can be collapsed on mobile or tablet. What’s even cooler is that you can configure advanced filtering for each column on your tables. 

For chart rendering, you can use one of three supported libraries: Google Charts, Highcharts, or Chart.js, providing 35 types of charts altogether. Charts can be linked to a table so that when you search and filter, the chart adjusts dynamically. wpDataTables WordPress database table plugin is compatible with WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer).

5. Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce gives you the ability to create clean, uncluttered shipping rate tables with multiple shipping options based on a variety of conditions, including weight, length, width, height, surface area, and volume quantity. Pricing models come with numerous cost options that determine what price the customer pays at checkout. You can put the customer in control of the shipping price they want to pay by offering choices like ground shipping, next-day delivery, and so on. 

This WordPress pricing table plugin is compatible with other great plugins like Polylang, Order Delivery Date Pro, and Currency Switcher. It’s translation-ready and comes with WPML multilingual support. It also works with any theme. 

6. WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

Unclear shipping information leads to many abandoned carts. Here is where WooCommerce Advanced Shipping comes to the rescue! It’s one of the best table plugins for WordPress for shipping information.

This WordPress table plugin will help you by displaying shipping information in easy-to-understand tables that avoid confusion and allow your customers to click, buy, and complete their purchases without any hesitation. You can create your own shipping rate tables of different sizes and varying complexity. You can use conditional logic and also set conditions that are user-based, cart-based, and product-based. You have unlimited customization options to choose from that include shipping methods, shipping zones, advanced pricing conditions, and so on. 

7. Go Pricing: Responsive WordPress Pricing Tables

What’s a website without a pricing table? Go Pricing allows you to create WordPress pricing or comparison tables for your website. This WordPress pricing table plugin comes with 250 premade tables to choose from, so you don’t have to create one from scratch. You can edit and customize your pricing tables from the admin interface by choosing from hundreds of customization options like colors, icons, and more. There’s a live preview window to see how your pricing tables will look in real time.

To add some sass to your pricing tables, you can include column animations for each and every column by choosing from 39 transition options. To make them even more engaging, you can add images, audio, videos, and maps. Don’t forget to take advantage of Google Fonts and match the pricing table’s text to your website font.

8. League Table: WordPress Plugin Database Table

League Table is a versatile WordPress database table plugin that allows you to create beautiful sortable and responsive tables inside your posts, pages, custom post types, or widget areas.

Its powerful list of customizable features includes 135 options per table, 17 options per cell, 13 general options, a spreadsheet editor to edit the table data, and an advanced multi-column sorting system.

It’s fast and easy to use, so you can create a perfect table without even reading the manual.

9. Tablenator: Pricing Tables For WPBakery Page Builder

Tablenator makes it a breeze to create tables for WordPress with shortcodes or the WPBakery Page Builder. This easy pricing table plugin is equipped with an advanced table editor in a spreadsheet format that allows you to create tables in no time. Using advanced scripts, you can make your tables interactive with sorting, search, and pagination features.

You can also make your tables responsive to fit on different mobile screen formats. It also comes with a built-in shortcode generator, so you can embed your table anywhere on your site. 

10. Woo Product Table Pro

Woo Product Table Pro is built with this idea in mind: product tables, when done right, make it easy for users to view products and place orders. This fully responsive and mobile-friendly WooCommerce table plugin is perfect for wholesale stores, product catalogs, order forms, restaurant orders, and more. 

In fact, this plugin also comes with customizable, ready-made product display tables for particular online store businesses, like music stores, bookstores, fashion stores, jewelry stores, and accessories stores. There is also a product table for restaurants, so that users can easily order food.  

There’s also a quotation table and wishlist table. You can insert your tables anywhere with shortcodes.

11. Mighty Tables: WordPress Plugin Table With Filter

Mighty Tables is a WordPress plugin table with filtering. It allows you to add sorting, search, filters, and highlighting functionality to your existing tables. You don’t need to remake your tables—it works with the tables and content you already have.  

This WordPress table plugin with filtering automatically inserts a search box at the top of your tables. It auto-detects the type of data in each column to know whether it should sort it alphabetically or numerically. You can change the behavior of the filters so that instead of hiding the rows that don’t match the filters, the plugin will highlight the rows that do match them. 

12. WooCommerce Variations Table

A product in your store can come in different color variations. By creating a variation table using WooCommerce Variations Table, you can display this product in all its different colors on your website.  

On your product variation tables, you can activate features that make it easy for customers to search, sort, and filter. You can show data like images, SKUs, size, price, color, and quantity available.

You can also add paging and scrolling if you don’t want the product page to get too long. 

13. Coinpress: Cryptocurrency Pages for WordPress

Look no further than Coinpress if you want to instantly integrate real-time cryptocurrency data on your website. This plugin provides you with advanced cryptocurrency tables and over 2,200 automatically generated coin pages. The tables contain data like real-time price, market capitalization, volume, supply, charts, historical data, markets, calculators, social feed, comments, and more.

There are premade coin description, website, explorer, and social links built into the coin editor. You can customize every aspect of Coinpress and tailor it to fit in with the look of your website. You can also do search engine optimization on dedicated coin pages to rank higher in search engines.

5 Free WordPress Table Plugins to Try in 2021 

If these premium WordPress table plugins are outside your budget, there are some free table plugins you can try. These plugins come with a lot of features that will help you create tables for your website. However, if you need advanced features, you will need to pay for the premium versions.

1. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is a drag-and-drop table builder plugin for WordPress. It’s very easy to create responsive tables with WP Table Builder. It’s perfect for creating comparison tables, pricing tables, list tables, and more.

2. WP Responsive Table: HTML5 Table Generator

WP Responsive Table makes HTML tables horizontally scrollable on a small screen. The table is horizontally scrollable in its own container, which fits the screen. This responsive HTML5 table generator plugin works out of the box, so there’s no need for additional settings. It works with regular HTML tables in the Classic Editor or in Gutenberg.

3. Data Tables Generator

Data Tables Generator is a highly rated, free, responsive WordPress plugin for database tables. From the admin panel, you can generate interactive charts with sorting and filtering. You can also print or export to PDF, CSV, and Excel spreadsheets.

4. Woo Product Table

Woo Product Table allows you to show all your products in a table with a simple shortcode. This fully responsive plugin is easily customizable by changing settings like the color, background, title, padding, or margin.

5. Quackit: Free Responsive HTML5 Table Generator

Quackit is a free HTML5 responsive table generator that helps you generate tables on the fly for WordPress or HTML.

3 Quick Tips for Creating Readable Tables

So how do you design tables that are effective at conveying information? 

1. What Is Your Table For?

Think about the purpose of your table. 

Is it a pricing table?
Is it a product variations table? 
Is it a shipping price table? 

Ultimately, if you’re running a business, the purpose of all this information is to help visitors make a decision that leads them to purchase. You want them to be able to understand your information fast so they can make their decisions. 

2. Not Everything Should Be a Table

Not all information in your dataset should be presented in a table. The most important questions to ask are:

What is the key information you want to present to your website visitors?
How do you present it with clarity? 

3. Keep It Simple

It’s easy to get lost in table designs and forget what tables are meant for. Tables are tools for visually displaying information in a way that visitors to your website can easily understand. 

Readability is key. Make it your priority.
Remove visual clutter to avoid distracting the eye.

The focus should be on the information and not on the table itself. 

Start Building Tables on Your Website Now!

In addition to table plugins, you will find thousands of other high-quality WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon that can help enhance your business’s website. Have a look through this large collection of plugins, and you’ll find helpful plugins in all different types of categories, from marketing to eCommerce to social media.

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