Whether you need your website visitors to log in to your WooCommerce store, access a particular page or post, or just give users the option to log in to their profile, you will need to present the user with a login form. 

CodeCanyon has login form plugins for any type of website or business. Add a fully functional and customizable login form to your website to welcome your users. 

Digits is one of the best-selling WordPress login plugins available on CodeCanyon. 

WordPress has a default login form but does not allow for any customization of this form. This makes it impossible to offer social logins to your visitors or to customize the styling of the form to fit your website’s theme. CodeCanyon has the best form login plugins to help you transform your login page.

The Best WordPress Custom Login Form Plugins on CodeCanyon

Discover CodeCanyon’s massive library of the best WordPress login plugins available on the web. By making a cheap one-time payment, you can own one of these high-quality login customizer WordPress plugins and improve the login forms on your website. 

Here are a few of the best-selling WordPress popup login form plugins available on CodeCanyon for 2021.

These professionally coded plugins will give you a quick and easy way to fully customize your login forms. By having a visually appealing and easy-to-use login form on your website, you will be able to keep your users on your website. 

With the premium plugins offered on CodeCanyon, you will be able to:

offer social media account login
display login forms in pop-ups
customize the color, font, and shadowing of the form

Head on over to CodeCanyon and find the right login page plugin for WordPress now!

20+ Top Login Forms (From CodeCanyon for 2021)

Here are 21 of the best-selling login customizer WordPress plugins that are available for you to download on CodeCanyon:

1. Elementor WordPress Custom Login Form

This WordPress login plugin gets the job done. It’s a login customizer WordPress plugin with two layout styles and three field style options. The Elementor plugin also features:

show password mode
remember me option
button options
redirect URL
force displaying
coding free
auto updates

2. Google reCAPTCHA WordPress Login Plugin

Make a secure login with this WordPress login plugin. The login page plugin for WordPress enhances the security for login, register and check-out forms by enabling  Google reCAPTCHA.

The popup login form WordPress plugin lets you enable Google reCAPTCHA on WordPress login/registration forms as well as on WooCommerce forms. Make sure you install it to secure your logins today!

3. WooCommerce Popup Login Form WordPress

This is one of the most popular WordPress popup login form plugins. It’s specially created for WooCommerce. It gives you simple shortcodes that you can paste on your site to create a simple signup and login system.

Some features of this plugin for login form in WordPress include:

signup and login links in custom menu
custom redirect after signup and login
shortcode support
works with any theme
cross-browser support
mobile adaptive
simple and friendly user interface
easy to use

4. UserPro: User Profiles with Social Login

UserPro—User Profiles with Social Login is far more than another way to log in to WordPress. The WordPress popup login form plugin includes a number of helpful integrations and membership features.

log in to WordPress with one click using social media logins
enjoy well-designed front-end user profiles
use unlimited custom fields
set up content restrictions
and much, much more

While the social media WordPress login is very helpful, it’s the many membership site features that make UserPro—User Profiles with Social Login shine.

5. Easy Digital Downloads: Social Login

Easy Digital Downloads is a great WordPress custom login form for Easy Digital Download platforms. Customers can register and log in using existing social network accounts.

“When a customer first visits your site, you can simplify checkout by allowing them to check out as a guest.”

Supported networks include:

and more

Features include:

supports several popular Easy Digital Download extensions
ability to unlink accounts to specific users
statistics for social network usage
supports WPML, Yoast, and more!

Easy Digital Downloads—Social Login is a great addition to your Easy Digital Download e-commerce store.

6. Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin

The Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin is a simple, well-designed login form plugin for WordPress that brings all your login, register, and forgotten password actions to full modal elegance. You can set it up with:

a custom URL redirect after login
unlimited color styles
login widget
and more

If you’re looking for a simple, beautifully designed modal WordPress login form, take a look at the Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin.

7. Super Forms: Login Page Plugin for WordPress

The Super Forms login page plugin for WordPress allows you to create custom forms that can register new users or log in existing users. This WordPress login plugin also enables you to allow only specific user roles to log in. Here are a few of this plugin’s key features: 

allow user role
login page URL 
welcome back message
account activation message

Find out how this plugin functions by checking out the live preview

8. Captcha Plus: WordPress Login Plugin

With over 25% of the web being powered by WordPress, security for WordPress is always going to be a concern. Adding another layer of login security with WordPress custom login forms is always a good idea.

You might want to consider Captcha Plus. The great thing about this WordPress login plugin is that it also works with registration forms, comments, and one of the most popular WordPress contact forms, Contact Form 7.

“Captcha plugin is the best security solution that protects your WordPress website forms from spam entries by means of math logic.”

The Captcha Plus login form includes many helpful features and doesn’t require a subscription.

9. User Profiles Made Easy

Not only does this login form plugin for WordPress allow you to create a login form, but it allows you to add fully featured front-end user profiles. It works with any theme and will help you bypass the default WordPress login and registration designs. The possibilities are endless with this premium form login and profile plugin.

You can control which fields are required upon registration, which fields users can edit, and which fields are private. Take your registration, login, and profile elements of your website to the next level with User Profiles Made Easy.

10. Digits: Signup and Login

Take your WordPress login form to a whole new level with Digits: WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login. Users can sign up by simply using their mobile phone number—using SMS to log in. SMS gateways supported:

Facebook Account Kit
and many more

Features include:

password reset with OTP
signup with a password, login with OTP
users can add their email after signing up with mobile—or vice versa
full WooCommerce support and much more

Make your signup and login super easy for mobile users with Digits: WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login.

11. ARMember: WordPress Login Plugin

ARMember offers beautiful login and signup forms that can be customized to fit your website’s theme. However, it’s much more than a login form creator. This popup login form WordPress plugin is one of the most powerful membership plugins that can be used in a variety of ways to suit your business. 

Here are a few key features of this powerhouse plugin:

built-in security options
social login
multiple membership models
opt-in integrations
member profiles

Find out if this login and membership plugin is right for you by viewing the live preview.

12. WooCommerce User Registration Plugin

This login customizer WordPress plugin will allow you to add custom registration fields in the user registration form for WooCommerce. You will be able to create custom user roles and disable the default registration fields. If you are using WooCommerce, this is a must-have plugin!

Here are a few of the features of this plugin:

add custom registration fields
create custom user roles
enable multiple registration fields
drag-and-drop UI 

See this plugin in action by viewing the live preview.

13. Flex-Register: WordPress Login Plugin

Flex-Register lets you add a stylish-looking registration form in a lightbox display. The WordPress popup login form plugin works right out of the box and requires no configuration or coding. Login forms can sometimes lack interest, and this plugin helps liven them up. 

Here are a few features of Flex-Register:

responsive design
cross-browser compatibility
compatible with Bootstrap 3
customizable design

View the live preview of Flex-Register.

14. Social Login and Register Popup

Give your website users the option to log in or register using their favorite social media accounts with this WordPress popup login form plugin. This is what you can expect from this plugin for a login form in WordPress:

caching social login
supports BuddyPress and WooCommerce
lock specific posts
six different animations for popup model.

Here is what users are saying about this plugin:

“This is the best popup login plugin I have used so far, easy to use and easy to customize to taste. Kudos to the team.” — izzycart

15. PopForms: Material Design WordPress Modal Forms Set

Bootstrap-ready, the PopForms Material Design WordPress Modal Forms Set is a slick popup modal set for:

logging in
signing up
recovering a forgotten password
sending a contact message

The login form WordPress shortcode is fully responsive and ready to be seen on the front end. Hook it into your WordPress site via a function or shortcode, and use the forms within a page or in full modal glory.

PopForms—Material Design WordPress Modal Forms Set is easy to customize and looks fantastic.

16. Customize Default Emails for WordPress

Part of the WordPress login process is the first notification emails you receive when setting up a new user. Face it, they’re ugly. But not with the Customize Default Emails for WordPress plugin!

“Apply beautiful email templates on WordPress default emails.”

Customize email with:

newly registered users
admin notifications of new users
password reset request emails
admin notifications of password resets
comment notifications
comment moderation notifications
customized colors
and more

With SMTP support and the ability to use placeholders, Customize Default Emails for WordPress is an excellent WordPress login form code to customize those drab WordPress notifications.

17. Login Lightbox

This simple but powerful WordPress login form code will let your users log in to your website from their Facebook account. It even allows you to add extra fields to the form. Here are a few notable features that separate this plugin from the rest of the login form plugins:

six display skin modes
SEO friendly
CSS3 technology
Sass powered

Find out if this login form plugin for WordPress is right for you by viewing the live preview.

18. WooCommerce Login

WooCommerce Login is a simple and lightweight plugin that allows users to log in or sign up anywhere from the site with a simple popup. The advanced customization that is available with this login form plugin for WordPress will help you increase sales for your WooCommerce store if optimized correctly. 

Here are a few of the features that you can expect:

30+ pre-built layouts
10 different styles available
Google reCAPTCHA
custom background colors

View the live preview of this plugin to see how it can make a positive impact on your website. 

19. Password Protected Plugin For WooCommerce

This plugin for a login form in WordPress allows you to create password-protected WooCommerce products, categories, and pages. A login form can be displayed on the pages of your choice. The admin can even create multiple passwords for specific pages on your WooCommerce store.

Here are a few important features for this WordPress custom login form plugin:

customization of password-protected form page
create multiple rules to protect specific content 
privatize WooCommerce checkout, cart, and shop pages
customize form color, images, and text

View the live preview of this plugin to see if it’s right for you.

20. User Signup for Arforms

User Signup for Arforms is an addon for ARForms: WordPress Form Builder Plugin. This is another wonderful form builder that branches out into great WordPress login forms with the signup addon. This popup login form WordPress addon features:

front-end user profile management

BuddyPress profile fields support
login/logout integration
and more

User Signup for Arforms is a great WordPress custom login form for ARForms.

5 Free Login Form Plugin for WordPress in 2021

You’ll receive the most comprehensive set of tools available by purchasing a premium WordPress login plugin. The quality of these premium plugins will be much higher than any free plugin, and the premium plugins will also come with dedicated customer support. 

If you are on a budget, though, you might not be able to afford these premium plugins. But you can still have a custom login form on your website!

That is why I have collected a list of five login form plugins for WordPress available as free downloads.

1. Custom Login Page Customizer

The Custom Login Page Customizer plugin allows you to easily customize your login page straight from your WordPress Customizer. You can even preview the changes you make with this plugin before having it go live on your website.

2. Admin Custom Login

Admin Custom Login gives you complete control over the design of your WordPress login. You can even create a unique login design or admin login design. This helps ensure your login form will fit your website’s theme. It’s a helpful free login form plugin for WordPress.

3. Theme My Login

This is another great plugin that lets you customize your login to fit your website’s theme. With this plugin, you can bypass the default WordPress login and enable features such as auto-login and password recovery. 

4. Custom Login

Custom Login gives you the ability to create a completely custom login experience for your website visitors. This plugin also has extensions that can be added, such as page templates, redirects, and stealth logins.  

5. Birds Custom Login

This WordPress login plugin will work for any website that needs a custom login page. A few of the features of this plugin include a responsive design, custom logo, full-screen background image, and multi-language support. 

How to Create a Custom Login Form in WordPress

The premium plugins available on CodeCanyon allow you to quickly and easily customize your login screen to fit your particular business. Now, are you wondering how to create a custom login form in WordPress? To show you how one of these plugins can help transform your login screen, I am going to go over how you can use the Loginstyle WordPress Login Page Styler plugin to set up a stylish login page.

In our example, we are running a restaurant and need to change the mundane-looking WordPress login form to reflect our business. We will use the plugin to transform our login page and include a brand new form with a background image.

Once you have installed the plugin, head on over to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Loginstyle. You will then be brought to the login plugin menu, where we can make all the necessary changes. To make the design process easier for us, we will select from one of the many templates that are offered and customize it to suit our restaurant’s needs.

We will click on the Templates tab and select the Iconic template by clicking the Load Template button. This template is clean and straightforward and will work perfectly for our business. 

Once the template is loaded, we will customize it further. We’ll click on the Background tab and be brought to the Background Settings page. We want to show off our beautiful restaurant in the background of the login. Click on the Background Image Source and select the Media Library option. From there, we will click the Upload button and choose the image of our restaurant. 

Next, we will change a few settings in the Inputs tab. We will change the text in the Username Placeholder to “Username” and change the text in Password Placeholder to “Password.” This will make the form more concise.

Finally, we will add links to the restaurant’s social media accounts. Choose the Footer tab and scroll down to the Social Buttons section. We only have a Facebook and Instagram account for our restaurant, so we will click the X button on all of the other social media. Next, we will add the URLs for these accounts in the Social Website section and click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page. 

That’s it! You’ve learned how to create a custom login form in WordPress. We’ve successfully turned the boring-looking WP login form into something fresh and exciting that reflects our business.

Take Advantage of the Login Form Plugins Available on CodeCanyon Now!

The default WordPress login form leaves you with a mundane and uninspiring form that can’t be changed. CodeCanyon offers the most flexible and feature-rich login form WordPress plugins available to help you transform the default login form on your website. 

Whether you need to integrate social login, customize the styling of the form, or display your form in a pop-up, the library of plugins available on CodeCanyon can help you add this functionality. 

In addition to all the premium login form plugins available, there are also thousands of other high-quality WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon that can help you improve your website for you and your users. This incredible collection of plugins contains all types of plugins, including video, SEO, eCommerce, and email plugins.

Add a premium WordPress plugin to your website now!

Here are a few of the best-selling and hot new WordPress plugins available on CodeCanyon for 2021.

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