Are you looking to make your website more engaging by allowing visitors to leave comments?

Comments can turn your WordPress website into a lively community where users can interact through questions, discussions, advice sharing, and even videos and photos. Not only that, but comments are also the best source of feedback and fresh ideas that will help you improve your content, products, or services. 

Comments can help with your SEO performance because search engines pick up on the regular activity on your website and move it up the search engine rankings. 

You can add a commenting system by using WordPress comments plugins.

Comment Press is an example of WordPress comments plugins available on CodeCanyon and Envato Elements.

CodeCanyon and Envato Elements offer many different types of WordPress comments plugins that will bring your website to life. 

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Comments Plugins on Envato Elements and CodeCanyon

1. WP Comment Images and Videos

Make commenting an exciting, collaborative experience by downloading WP Comment Images and Videos. This mobile-friendly plugin allows you to upload images and display videos from popular sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and many others. 

Some features of this plugin include:

automatically displays a photo upload icon beside the standard “Post Comment” button
easy to change caption labels and adjust the default thumbnail size
secure displaying of video content using oEmbed in comments
supports all types of images, like JPEG, PNG, and GIF
supports image transparency
supports all WordPress themes
multi-language and WPML compatible

2. Comment Press

CommentPress makes it easy for you to insert, edit, reply to, and delete comments. The plugin is fully responsive and uses AJAX, jQuery, and PHP to insert comments. You don’t need to reload the page. It also includes CAPTCHA to prevent spam. 

Some notable features include: 

comment pagination, number of comments per page, number of comments to load
buttons to easily insert images, videos, and links
rating of comments with buttons like or dislike
option to allow comments only for registered users, or also to non-registered users
and so much more… 

3. WP Comment Designer

WP Comment Designer helps you customize the layout of the WordPress comments and comment form. You can add seven extra custom fields to your comment form: text area, text field, radio button, checkbox, select option, number, and file uploader. The form fields can be rearranged.

You can also make comments display on trigger, allow users to comment only if they are registered, and moderate comments using flagging options. In addition, users can edit their comments and sort comments based on the most recent and most liked comments.

Other notable features of this fully responsive WordPress comments plugin include:

comment pagination
basic comment rating options
hide individual comment thread
display only a certain part of lengthy comments
ability to display error messages on the same page
RTL compatible 

4. Everest Comment Rating

Everest Comment Rating allows you to add like, dislike, and react functionalities to the default WordPress comments, including any post categories. You can choose from different pre-designed like-dislike-reaction templates, add built-in react-like-dislike icons, or upload your own custom icons.

You can also integrate a comment rating plugin and make the comment rating feature accessible to either all users or only logged-in users.  

Other features of this plugin include:

like and dislike count
define the position of the rating counter
custom CSS
comment sorting based on ranking 

5. Groups Restrict Comments Pro

If you have Groups, this extension allows you to restrict who can post or read comments based on a user’s group membership. You can specify one or more groups that are allowed to post comments and also choose which groups can read comments. Group restrictions can be set according to post types—for example posts, pages, or custom post types. It can also be set for specific individuals. 

6. Silencer Comment Management Plugin for WordPress

This plugin allows you to globally disable comments on any post type—like posts, pages, or attachments—so that these settings cannot be overridden for individual posts.

You can restrict comments based on a wide set of rules including user name, referral URL, device type, IP address, user country, user language, and more. 

Other things you can do with this responsive plugin include:

disable comments, hide existing comments, disable pingbacks and trackbacks
remove all comment-related fields from edit and quick-edit screens
remove comment-related items from the dashboard, widgets, admin menu, or admin bar
set maximum or minimum comment length
disable HTML code in comments and show only plain text comments on your posts
bulk delete all comments for a post or for specific post categories: post, page, attachment
hide all commenting related links and feeds from your website
protect yourself and your webpage from spam bots and spiders

This plugin is translation-ready and optimized for speed.

7. Multi Comments For WordPress (Includes VK Comments)

This plugin lets visitors choose which system they want to use for commenting. It displays all the commenting systems together on your WordPress website. The systems include Facebook, WordPress, and Disqus comments. You can control the order of comments and display WordPress trackbacks in your comment area. 

8. YouTube Video Auto Commenter Plugin for WordPress

This plugin is a comment bot that allows you to automatically generate YouTube video comments based on posts you publish to your blog. You set predefined rules for comments, such as the maximum number of comments per day. You can also customize the comment content.  

Based on your search criteria, you can leave comments on YouTube channels or particular YouTube videos. You can search for videos to comment on based on a specific region or language, video resolution, video license, and more. 

It supports Google Translate and text modifier plugins like Best Spinner, SpinRewriter, and WordAI. 

9. uComment WP Comment Bot Plugin 

This plugin is a comment-generating bot for WordPress blogs. You can set specific parameters for automatic content generation and leave comments on different WordPress blogs or RSS feeds you add in the plugin.

In addition, you can define the maximum number of comments per day that can be made and set rules on where you can publish comments.

The plugin supports Google Translate and text modifier plugins like Best Spinner, SpinWriter, and WordAI.

Free Comment Plugins for WordPress 


This plugin is perfect if you want to keep your comments in your database. It has an AJAX real-time comment system with custom comment form and fields. 

Disable Comments

With this plugin, you can instantly allow or disallow comments from any post type in WordPress to stop the spammers and gain complete control over your website.

Social Comments

This plugin is very useful for improving your website traffic from Facebook. It will allow you to show your visitors’ Facebook comments on your website. 

DCO Comment Attachment

DCO Comment Attachment allows your visitors to attach images, videos, audio files, documents, and other files with their comments. They will also be able to automatically embed links from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other services in the comment text.

Simple Comment Editing

Supercharge your comment section and allow your users to edit their comments for a period of time. Save your users some headaches and let them fix their typos while you take a backseat and relax.

How to Create a Pleasant Commenting System

1. Make Great Content

Your content determines the quality of comments you will get. So make sure you are consistently producing great content that is useful and targets the kind of users you want. 

2. Set the Tone

Set the tone by making your comment section a place where great ideas are shared and exchanged. You can start by asking questions and giving your own examples and continuing the conversations with commenters. 

3. Restrict to Registered Users

You can also make commenting worth your while by allowing only registered users or subscribers. This way, you can keep out spammers and disruptors.  

4. Moderate!

Since the quality of your comment section also determines your SEO rank, be active in moderating. Approve and publish only content that serves the conversation and remove content that does not. Delete unwanted comments whenever they come up. 

5. Get Rid of the Trolls

Root out all abusive behavior and also perpetrators of such behavior. 

Get a Comment Plugin Now!

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