Do you want to add a timeline to your WordPress website or blog?

Timelines are the best way to effectively tell the story of your business and build trust. But telling your story also requires you to grab attention of your visitors and stand out.

Timelines also save time, they take into account that your visitors don’t have time to wade through lots of text to find out what you are about. 

On CodeCanyon you will find timeline plugins that will help you create eye-catching timelines on your website or blog.

Bestselling WordPress Timeline Plugins on CodeCanyon in 2021

Grab one of these timeline plugins and quickly buid trust with your visitors by visually taking them through the journey you have travelled as a business or blog. These plugins are affordable and come with the best premium features including support. 

Let’s look at some of the best WordPress timeline plugins on CodeCanyon in 2021.  

1. Cool Timeline Pro—WordPress Timeline Plugin

Add a timeline to blog posts, organization history pages, and more with the Cool Timeline Pro plugin. Create both horizontal and vertical timelines with its built-in designs and beautiful animation effects.

convert any post type into a timeline
pagination for long timelines
create multiple timelines
add icons
simple, clean, and flexible

2. Content Timeline

Thanks to the Content Timeline plugin, you can tell the history of your business in single-edged or double-edged timelines and even add animations effects. You can add images, videos to your timelime. 

The plugin is rich with features including:

fully responsive with swipe function
7 embedded script control methods
11 settings for easy customization
keyboard bindings
and more!

3. WP Timeline–Vertical and Horizontal Timeline Plugin

WP Tiimeline makes it easy for your business to display large amount of information in timelines, stories, histories, or roadmaps on your website, blog and more. You can create unlimited timelines, horizontal or vertical. The plugin works with any WordPress theme.

Notable features include:

over 45+ beautiful layouts
over 40+ animations support
create timeline with BC/AD date support
date picker with custom date field to enter anything
show Timeline anywhere using a shortcode.

4. Everest Timeline—Responsive WordPress Timeline Plugin

Using Everest Timeline you can create stunning stories and event timelines. You can choose from vertical timeline layout, horizontal timeline layout, one side layout, Facebook layout, Twitter layout and much more. On your timeline you can add media like images, slider, YouTube video, Vimeo video, HTML video and SoundCloud.

Features include:

over 50 pre-designed templates. 
integrate filter feature, social media and share button,
integrate Facebook or Twitter feed
integrate lightbox functionality
shortcode ready and widget ready 

5. Visual Line WordPress Timeline Plugin

VisualLine is an addon for WPBakery Theme Builder. It is also a timeline collection with six different plugins inside the pack. You can build vertical or horizontal timelines using post queries with any post type. 

Notable features of this responsive WordPress timeline plugin include:

advanced timeline using Composer layouts
one click time line template using composer templates
timeline in center, left or right orientation
animation in timeline
set your own color for timeline elements

6. ZoomTimeline—WordPress History Plugin

ZoomTimeline is the perfect way to go when you want to show your company timeline, company history, shipping history, or even parcel track display. It uses HTML5, CSS3, and SCSS so it is easy to customize however you want. It is SEO-optimized and works seamlessly on all devices—especially mobile phones and modern browsers. 

7. WP Timeline Designer Pro—WordPress Timeline Plugin

WP Timeline Design Pro is for creating beautiful timeliness that bring your blog to life. The plugin gives you vertical and horizontal layout templates with many styles and infinite amount of options that you can customize into timeline masterpieces. 

Notable features include: 

11 prebuilt options with over 100 customization options
supports page builders including: Elementor, Site Origin, Beaver, and King Composer
many vertical and horizontal timeline styles
social share

8. Timeline Awesome Pro—Timeline and History WordPress Plugin

Timeline Awesome is the easiest to use timeline plugin. It takes only two steps to create a timeline. After creating the timeline, you can insert the timeline anywhere on the website using a shortcode, Elementor Block, or Gutenberg Block. Your can create unlimited horizontal or vertical timelines. You can add navigation and animations to your timelines. 

Features of this awesome plugin include:

15+ ready-to-use timeline templates
100+ design possibilities
timeline with navigation
multiple transitions and animations
multiple timelines in one page
drag-and-drop timeline item order

Free WordPress Timeline Plugins

These free plugins don’t offer as many features as the premium WordPress timeline plugins on CodeCanyon, but if you’re on a budget, they’re a great way to get started creating your timeline at no cost.

1. Post Timeline

Post Timeline helps you create unlimited beautiful vertical timelines for your WordPress posts. The timelines can have animated scroll navigation based on tag or dates in ascending order.

2. Ultimate Timeline

Ultimate Timeline plugin creates beautiful and responsive history time-lines on your website. You create posts, set images and dates,  Ultimate Timeline will automatically populate these posts in chronological order, based on the posted date of stories.

3. Event Timeline–Vertical Timeline

Event Timeline allows you to show a graphical history of your business or to convert your blog posts into a blog timeline

4. Bold Timeline Lite

The Bold Timeline Lite plugin helps show you timeline of events on your website or blog. It has five predefined styles to customize the colors, fonts, icons to reflect your style and taste: classic, retro, clean, travel and CV. 

5. Event Timeline Feed

Event Timeline Feed adds an event timeline feed on your WordPress website.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Timeline Plugin

1. Ease of Use

Timeline plugins should be easy to use. They should not require users to have coding knowledge. 

2. Responsiveness

Many website visitors do so on their mobile phones so it goes without saying that timeline plugins must be mobile-friendly, and responsive to any devices and all modern browsers too. 

3. Easy Navigation

Since the purpose of a timeline is to visually summarize your story in a way that is easy to follow in one quick glance, easy navigation should be a priority, especially on mobile devices. 

Install a WordPress Timeline Plugin Now! 

Timelines will give visitors your website viewers a satisfying website browsing experience. CodeCanyon offers top-quality premium WordPress timeline plugins that you can easily integrate on your website or blog.  

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Find the perfect WordPress plugin to give your website and business the best chance to succeed.

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