One of the most indigenous ways that marketers have been able to get word-of-mouth is through affiliate marketing. It’s been seen as a sure-shot way of increasing reach and exposure to your brand. A better way to do this would be via email marketing.

Why Email marketing? It’s because email is the widest marketing channel and is an excellent medium for affiliate marketing. Although it may appear strange to market products or services different from your own company’s in your email campaigns, there really is nothing wrong with including an ad with your newsletters as long as you post emails towards your own marketing goals.

What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is a method of making money by displaying digital advertising on a website that encourages users to make online transactions.

More and more businesses are embracing this marketing approach to develop their company website. This collaboration is a low–cost model because payments are made after a sale is completed from the same. For example, most affiliates pay a 5% fee to every customer who buys a product recommended by an affiliate marketing network. Although the fee is a very tiny proportion, the agreement will allow affiliates to profit from brand recognition by giving consistent sales to the company.

The commission fee ranges from 1% at residential merchants to 75% for some internet products. One of the most profitable partnerships is skincare and hair marketing, which pays about 30% commission.

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How can I Set Up an Affiliate Partnership?

It is pretty simple to become an affiliate; though each program has its unique set of approval standards, participation is usually free, and no prerequisites are necessary. Search engines are an excellent way to identify acceptable brands to promote: ‘[Brand] + Affiliate Marketing Program.’

Some businesses run in-house partnership programs, although this is a highly specialized industry. As a result, for in-house affiliation, most organizations favor partners that have already built successful programs for their clients and firms with years of affiliate marketing expertise.

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How Does Affiliate Marketing via Email Work in Practice?

You will be given backlinks to utilize once you have identified an advertiser you wish to promote and joined up for their affiliate program through an ad network. These hyperlinks will track any purchases that you make.

They could also include an image tag that can be used as a monitoring pixel in your email. You will compose a marketing and sales email to your target audience in the same way you would for another one of your products or services. To ensure that sales are correctly tracked, use the link in your final call-to-action.

How to Prepare to Use Affiliate Marketing in an Email

1. Make a list of your target email addresses

There are two probable outcomes. To begin, you must create an email list from zero. Second, you’ll need a sufficient number of email addresses to get going.

In the first case, if you need to collect email addresses, you must set up lead gen pages on your site. Creating a generic pop-up or integrated form is insufficient. To make a sale, you must attract the correct audience and deliver value. Understanding the product as well as the intention of website visitors is critical for building high-quality email lists. 

You can insert relevant pop-ups, scroll, embedded, or exit purpose forms on various websites. Create separate forms, for example, for your main page and your resources section.

You should also be cautious about what information you request from website users. The information should be relevant to the product you intend to sell. A good lead generation form should include two or three fields. The next step is to provide value to your visitors. Because they give you their confidential info, don’t let them leave without learning something from you.

2. Don’t hard sell

On digital media or email, people have a short attention span. It’s crucial that you’re able to get their attention but without forcing it. By this, we mean that you need to find ways to innovate instead of hard-selling constantly.

Hard selling rarely works when it comes to email marketing. The moment your audience sees a headline or content that’s trying too much, they tend to get turned off and will report your emails as spam.

By finding out newer ways to get their attention via these subject lines or content, you’re also making your job easier. You can standardize the content you create, making it easier to push it all across the various channels you’re looking to advertise without having to make any changes.

The next step is to provide value to your visitors. Because they give you their confidential info, don’t let them leave without learning something from you.

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3. Execute full-fledged email sequences

Email Sequence is a series of emails that are sent out automatically on a schedule depending upon the actions of the customer/subscriber.

You’re probably wondering what a full-fledged email series is. To put things plainly, it is a series of emails that cover the complete buyer’s journey.

But before you jump the gun on how to proceed, you must understand the three stages of a buying journey: awareness, contemplation, and judgment. As a result, your marketing plan must include all phases if you want to enhance your affiliate income. 

The first phase is all about presenting yourself and educating prospects on their underlying pain areas. Welcome and onboarding emails, free content assets, are aspects that you can focus on here, among others.

In the next stage, you assist prospects in resolving their issues. Sending high-quality resources such as manuals, white papers, and case studies is part of this.

The final stage entails persuading prospects to buy from you. You have acquired the confidence of your promising players after finishing the preceding two steps. 

What you should concentrate on sending here is discreet marketing offers with the proper sales pitch. Instill a sense of immediacy in the minds of your prospects. To elicit an impactful reaction, use FOMO (fear of missing out) or a stopwatch.

4. Keep track of the metrics and keep an eye on them

Tracking and analyzing your prospects’ behavior is critical to generating a good affiliate income. If you’re a newbie, it’s imperative that you focus on metrics as the first few exercises of emails may fail to yield extravagant results. 

The causes can vary from a few to numerous, including low-quality leads, poor email deliverability, declining open rates, or CTRs. As a result, you must monitor your clicks, open rates, and bounce rates to identify flaws in your email marketing approach and tweak it frequently to get better results.

A Few Other Tips to Help You in Your Journey to Create More Leads and Ensure Affiliate Marketing Works

1. Make use of automatic drip emails

In the email provider’s service, create an automated email flow. There are email marketing software that allow you to do this with ease so that you can gain as much traction as possible. This ensures that your subscribers receive the email you want within a certain period of subscribing.

Automated emails will save you much time while still allowing you to carry out high-quality emails. With a well-planned email flow, you can send the right emails at the correct time. A consistent flow of emails will also ensure your readers stay interested.

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2. Create excellent content

For subscribers to continue opening your emails, the content must be excellent. Ensure your audience is engaged and informed, and they will continue to open your messages.

Investigate fresh advances in your area and keep your audience up to speed with exciting info. Instead of focusing on what you need your readers to read, consider what they might enjoy reading. Use affiliate promotions sparingly. You would not like to come off as a salesperson; doing so may result in the loss of subscribers.

3. Involve your audience

Add share buttons for social media and an ‘email to a friend’ button to ensure your customers share your messages. Also, don’t forget to provide a subscribe button to your email so that your audience keeps getting your messages straight to their inbox and interacting with your content.

4. Include unique email content

Offering unique content that can only be viewed by registering for your email list is terrific for generating new signups for your email list. Top affiliates exploit unique marketing content for a purpose. Some great affiliates opt to devote their efforts to email marketing; to access their greatest content, you must sign up to their mailing lists.

5. Continue sending engaging emails and promoting affiliate products

Actively participate in engaging your audience by sending them a regular stream of engaging emails. Your audience will recall you if you are consistent.

Bonus suggestions:

Keep the subject line brief. Check that it fills the inbox preview. Try to include extra features such as emojis, numerals, or the prospect’s name. For better results, we suggest A/B test your email to understand which subject line can be a miss or hit with your target group. Personalize your mail copy to get maximum interaction. However, before emailing your prospects, send a confirmation version of yourself first.If you’re utilizing an email marketing design template, make sure your design is optimised for both desktop and mobile viewing. If your email design is unresponsive, it may end up in the spam folder.While drafting the sales pitch, make sure the information in your email message is true and accurate with that on the website. Keeping credible information aids in the preservation of authenticity.Keep all spam regulations and other compliance requirements in consideration if you opt to send bulk email blasts.Remember to double-check your CTAs, links, and picture alt texts.


Earning affiliate money with email marketing is not difficult if you target the correct demographic and present the appropriate content. Follow the best practices listed above, use the best email marketing services for your business and see the results pouring in for your campaigns consistently.

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