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Nowadays, a photography business is more than just shooting beautiful pictures in cool locations. Photographers also must know the art of online presence.

Your portfolio website gives potential customers an inside view of your business. The online experience must resonate with them to secure a sale. WordPress plugins and themes are available to help you impress your visitors.

Ready to improve your site? Check out these seven WordPress plugins for photography.

1. Photography Management

In the photography business, image protection plays a significant role in securing your work. You don’t want people stealing your photos. But you do want a safe place to showcase photos to your clients.

Photography Management offers a solution by enforcing real access management of your photos. No unauthorized person can access your uploaded images, even if they know the image URL.

This WordPress plugin simplifies the photo management workflow of communicating with clients and delivering the photos. You can create a login page for your clients, showcase your photo shoots in a responsive gallery, and protect your images from theft. Premium features also include unlimited galleries per client, image captions, comments per image, and watermarking.

2. Photo Gallery by 10Web

First impressions matter. How you display your photos online can influence how visitors perceive your work. A disorganized arrangement can leave potential buyers confused.

The good news is that Photo Gallery by 10Web exists to help you. This feature-rich plugin adds responsive galleries and albums to your website. It comes with stunning layout options, like Slideshow, Thumbnails, Image Browser, and Compact Album.

Multiple widgets are available to add cloud tags and display your albums on the sidebar areas of your website. To protect your images from unlawful distribution, this plugin also offers right-click protection.

The premium version of Photo Gallery by 10Web includes social sharing buttons, editable themes, and commenting with Captcha protection. You’ll have full control of your work with this plugin.

3. Photo Engine

Sometimes, your photography business needs more than a single-purpose tool. Photo Engine is a unique plugin that helps photographers with two distinct goals.

As a media organizer, this tool helps you organize your photos in folders and collections. Using a standard WordPress Gallery shortcode, you can link your galleries to specific collections. You’ll know exactly where your photos exist and can easily grab them to showcase to clients.

Photo Engine also syncs Lightroom with WordPress. Using EXIF and image perceptual analysis, the tool links your WordPress photos in Lightroom automatically (or you can do it manually).

Did you improve a certain image? Now, you can swap out the updated image in Lightroom to your WordPress website. The plugin also supports a variety of themes through its Post Types Extension.

4. Smush

Creating an online presence is a new venture for most photographers. So, you may install the obvious plugins, like photo galleries and watermarking. However, the backend of your website is often forgotten.

Let’s get a little technical and talk about image optimization. Uploading all those beautiful, hi-res images can slow down your site. A slow website means a poor experience for your visitors.

You can combat this issue with Smush. This plugin optimizes and compresses your images without affecting the quality. The lazy load feature also defers off-screen images.

You can even optimize and compress up to 50 images with one click. The plugin can detect images that are slowing down your site and process a variety of files, including PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

5. Kali Forms

When buyers want to commission your work, how do they sign up? Your website is a powerful magnet for getting new business. But you need the right tools to collect a potential buyer’s information.

Kali Forms can help your photography business build user-friendly, hassle-free forms. With pre-designed templates, you can create any type of form, including contact forms, payment forms, and feedback forms. No coding experience is required for this plugin.

Choose from several different form fields—radio buttons, dropdown, file uploads— to make gathering information easier. You can even group fields in separate pages for a better submission process. The built-in reCAPTCHA integration also protects your forms from spam.


Photography centers around displaying your work to a community. You want people to critique and admire your photos. Or maybe you want to highlight how you can be an asset to a future client.

To show off your work, WPVR makes it easy to create stunning virtual tours in minutes. Rather than people visiting a physical building, you can give art enthusiasts a realistic tour of your photography from the comfort of their homes.

This plugin offers a responsive default design, tour autoload control, and scene fade animation. You can give visitors a 360-degree panoramic photo of an area. You also can upgrade to the Pro version to receive unlimited scenes and a custom scene gallery.

7. Easy Digital Downloads

Photography is more than a hobby; it’s a business for you. So, selling your photos is one of your top priorities. Luckily for you, it’s easier than ever to sell digital products with WordPress.

Easy Digital Downloads is a plugin designed to meet your online business needs. It gives you payment flexibility to accept credit cards using Stripe, Apply Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. Your visitors get access to a full shopping cart to purchase multiple downloads at once.

Want to offer a discount to your loyal fans? That’s possible with discount codes that include settings for expiration and maximum uses.

On top of that, you can track your customers’ download activity. You can monitor the date, time, and even IP address of all purchased files.

Try These WordPress Plugins on Your Photography  Website

You don’t need a full website redesign for your photography business. Instead, try one (or more) of these WordPress plugins to enhance the functionality of your site. By adding a gallery or creating a virtual tour, you can attract and engage your visitors.

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