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Running a brand’s website is not an easy feat.

You’re juggling multiple worries, from hackers stealing customer data to a large image slowing down your site’s speed. It can seem like you’re putting out fires every single day.

If you manage a WordPress website, the Jetpack plugin can offer you support with security, performance, and marketing. It helps protect your site from malware and accelerates the speed to enhance the customer experience.

Let’s learn more about Jetpack and how it can help you efficiently run your WordPress website.

What is Jetpack?

Jetpack is a WordPress toolkit to secure, speed up, and grow your website. This WordPress security plugin allows you to secure your logins and protect your site from brute force attacks.

Your visitors will love the faster page load times when you use Jetpack’s lightning-fast content delivery network (CDN). On top of that, the tool helps you increase your site traffic with automatic social sharing.

The core features of Jetpack are free to users. If you desire more advanced features, like daily backups and malware scanning, premium plans are available.

Who Should Use Jetpack?

Jetpack is for any brand or personal website using WordPress. If you want a single tool for site design, traffic growth, and security, Jetpack is the right solution. Since Jetpack is made by the same people behind WordPress, Automattic, you can feel confident that it will always be kept up-to-date.

How to Install Jetpack on Your WordPress Website

Jetpack works best with a WordPress hosting provider that meets these requirements. You also need the latest version of WordPress. Not sure if you’re up to date? Follow our easy guide to updating WordPress.

You can install Jetpack from within your WordPress admin. To start, click on ‘Plugins’, then click ‘Add New’. Search for Jetpack. Then, click the ‘Install Now’ button:

Click the ‘Activate’ button. You will be prompted to set up Jetpack:

Finally, approve the connection to

When prompted, choose a Jetpack plan or the ‘Start with free’ option. You can enable the recommended features, or you can manage them later.

Does Jetpack Integrate With Other WordPress Plugins?

Yes, Jetpack integrates with the top WordPress plugins. These integrations can help enhance the functionality of your website.

For instance, you can connect Google Analytics to track your customers’ behavior to improve your marketing efforts. Or integrate with Gravity Forms to receive feedback from your customer base.

The Stripe and PayPal integrations are also available to process payments (or donations) on your site. Other popular integrations include WooCommerce, Mailchimp, Revue, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Calendly.

5 Reasons to Use the Jetpack Plugin on Your WordPress Site

Still not sure whether you should use Jetpack? Check out these five reasons why you should try the plugin.

1. Automated scanning for security threats

Security threats are an imminent reality in this tech age. Hackers try every day to steal data from big and small brands. Jetpack understands these ongoing challenges and offers its customers automatic malware scanning.

Most security issues are fixed with a single click. The plugin automatically scans your site on a daily basis for anything suspicious — from malware to weird code — and emails you the moment it detects a threat.

2. Reliable website backups

A website is an investment for your brand. You spend countless hours crafting it to create the perfect online experience for your customers. Jetpack makes it easy to protect your investment with automatic, real-time website backups.

Jetpack also offers one-click restores. So, if your site ever goes down, you can get it back online in a matter of seconds. This feature is efficient for eCommerce stores where every minute could potentially mean a loss in sales. The plugin also gives you unlimited storage for your website backups.

3. Customizable search for visitors

Custom site search is another powerful benefit for eCommerce stores. When shoppers land on your website, they want to quickly find a specific product.

JetPack comes with a customizable search feature that gives your visitors instant search results. With modern ranking algorithms, shoppers will get relevant results that match their search intent.

The Jetpack plugin also offers filtered and faceted searches. That way, your visitors can filter by tags, categories, or even dates—improving the overall customer experience.

4. Upgrade your SEO performance

Search engines, like Google and Bing, play a major role in how people find your website. Potential customers are typing in keywords to find the right solution to fit their needs. For your brand to attract these people, you need to rank high for specific keywords.

Jetpack gives you a boost by checking your site performance for quick improvements. The tool optimizes the CSS structure to increase speed, defers non-essential JavaScript for faster page load times, and only loads images that the visitors can see.

5.  Statistics for traffic growth

Growth is what every business strives to achieve. When it comes to traffic growth, you want to know exactly how many visitors come to your site, where they’re coming from, and what they read.

Jetpack gives you a clear overview of your site’s stats so you can get a sense of how your content is performing. You can see your:

Top posts and pagesVisitor locationSocial media followsAnd more

Try Jetpack on Your WordPress Website

Jetpack is a powerful tool for site security, performance, and marketing. Its core features can support your online business and grow your customer base. 

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